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We warmly welcome everyone to come to our new school for Fun, Food and Friendship which will be available throughout the day. Children are invited to take part in the “Watermore Rainbow Run” commencing at approx.12:30pm.

Children will be running in age groups, from Reception until year 6. You will need to collect a wrist band on the day with different colours to represent each year group. 
Previous ‘Rainbow Runs’ have been hugely successful and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Children will run (or walk) around the playing field collecting different colour paints on their t-shirts.  The children can complete the course as many times as they like collecting paint.  The more laps they complete, the more ‘colourful’ they will get!  The Powder paint will be thrown by responsible adults at designated ‘paint stations’ along the route. The paint will be directed at the body rather than the face. 

You are advised to dress your child(ren) in shoes & clothes that you don’t mind getting stained (a WHITE T-shirt works best!). The paint is water soluble so you can wash the clothes as normal, but please avoid washing them with nice clothes! We cannot be held responsible for any permanent stains.
If your child has a skin allergy or respiratory condition we would recommend that he/she does not take part in the ‘Rainbow run’.  In this instance, we would be willing to let your child run the course without the paint. Please inform an organiser of your wish for 'No Paint' on the day.

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